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Wendy Fordin-Saler


Wendy began her career in the bail bond industry at a young age. She currently serves as the CFO of Empire Bail Bonds in New York, as well as EBIC Surety, and is also the Treasurer of the New York State Bail Bonds Association. Wendy is known for her honesty and trustworthiness; she will confidently and responsibly manage every dollar for the organization, always with NABA's future best interests in mind.

In her personal life, Wendy is a proud dog mom and frequently brings her pups to the office. She also takes care of her 99-year-old grandmother, demonstrating her deep commitment to family.

Strongly believing in the continued need for secured bail across the nation, Wendy will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to NABA.

Wendy Fordin-Saler
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