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John J Looney Sr.

Executive Vice President

John J Looney Sr. is a dynamic professional with a diversified career that ranges from military service to law enforcement and entrepreneurial endeavors. He currently serves in multiple leadership capacities within the bail bonding industry, making significant contributions to shaping policy and enhancing industry standards. John owns Bad Boy Bail Bonds, a comprehensive bail bonds service that operates across Montana. His commitment to educating professionals about bail laws and processes has made him a respected authority in this sector.

Raised in Babb, Montana, John began his professional journey in 1993 when he enlisted in the US Army. He first served with the 3rd Ranger Battalion at Fort Benning, Georgia, where he honed his skills in discipline and leadership. He was later stationed with the 5th Corp LRRPS in Darmstadt, Germany, with Eco 51st Inf (LRS) until 1998. Then, demonstrating his versatility, John changed his MOS to military police and continued his service at Fort Stewart, Georgia, and Fort Lewis, Washington. After a decade-long honorable service, John transitioned to civilian life, taking with him invaluable lessons in discipline, leadership, and community service.

Following his military career, John moved to Yakima, Washington, where he founded a successful Process Serving Company. Around the same period, he further expanded his skill set by attending Perry Technical Institute, where he earned multiple certifications in computer sciences. Having established a prosperous business, he sold his company and decided to move back to his home state, Montana.

John took up a role with the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's Office, where he served as a Detention Corporal for six years. Further contributing to the Montana justice system, he also worked as a clerk for the Lewis and Clark County Justice Court. His firsthand experience in law enforcement gave him unique insights into the bail bonding process from the judicial and enforcement perspectives.

In 2018, John joined Bad Boy Bail Bonds, eventually purchasing the business and transforming it into a leading bail bond service that operates statewide. As the President of the Montana Bail Agents Association (MTBAA) and the National Association of Bail Agents Chair for the State of Montana, John has been at the forefront of policy advocacy and educational initiatives. His role as the national director of education for the National Association of Bail Agents (NABA) has empowered him to educate agencies across the state on bail laws and processes, bridging gaps between law enforcement agencies, courts, and bondsmen.

With a career spanning over multiple sectors, John J Looney Sr. is a multi-talented professional dedicated to elevating industry standards and fostering better understanding and cooperation among various stakeholders in the bail bond process. His rich life experience, spanning military service to law enforcement and business ownership, has equipped him with a well-rounded perspective, making him an indispensable asset to both the industry and the community.

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John J Looney Sr.
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