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Message from the president


Well, folks, here we are in 2024! I’m excited about the prospect of our organization's movement and impact in our profession.

I encourage each and every one of you to get involved in your local community leadership. This might mean reaching out to your County Executive or your Sheriff. We encourage you to invite them to experience a day in the life of US! How can we expect political leaders to value our roles if they don’t truly understand what we do, right? Of course, right. As you know, I am the type of person who means what I say and says what I mean. If this idea interests you and you need help with it, feel free to reach out to me. I will assist you in organizing a day at the bail bond office… let’s do it!

2024 is incredibly important for our industry as we face the next presidential election cycle. Never has there been a time in the history of the United States of America more critical, not only to our families but to our profession as well. Both Democrats and Republicans have enacted policies that have been detrimental. Look at what Chris Christie did to the state of New Jersey’s bail agents! My recommendation to all of you is to choose a candidate who is pro law and order and pro-secured bail.

In 2023, your membership money supported State Bail Associations nationwide. We sponsored associations in Colorado, Indiana, Texas, Mississippi, New York, Montana, and California! In 2024, we look forward to continuing our sponsorship of state and local bail associations as they strive to save our industry. To me, there is no greater commitment than to our brothers and sisters on the ground fighting the battle day in and day out to save our invaluable profession.

NABA is the only national association that includes the incredible fugitive recovery arm of our industry. Not only do we value all bail agents throughout the nation, but we also appreciate the hard work, dedication, and danger that our fugitive recovery community faces daily. This year, I hope to advocate more on behalf of my brothers and sisters in the field who literally risk their lives every day, returning wanted fugitives to the order of the court.

God bless each and every one of you. May your new year be filled with hope, prosperity, and most importantly, health! It is an honor to serve as your president, a role I do not take lightly. No matter what the circumstance, whether big or small, personal or business, I want all of you to know that you truly matter to me, and I am always here with an open ear and an open heart.

Happy New Year NABA Family!!!!

All my best love & support, 
Michelle Esquenazi, 


The image is a word cloud in the shape of the United States, composed of various terms associated with the 8th Amendment. Central and prominent terms include "8th Amendment," "cruel and unusual," "punishment," "excessive bail," and "Constitution." Other words, such as "Bill of Rights," "amendment," "inflicted," and "United States," are scattered throughout in different sizes and orientations, indicating their relevance to the theme of constitutional rights and legal protections against excessive bail and cruel punishment. The overall design emphasizes the importance of the 8th Amendment within the context of the U.S. legal system.

NABA - National Association of Bail Agents

Welcome to the National Association of Bail Agents (NABA), your go-to platform for safeguarding the future of bail. We proudly represent Bail Agents and Fugitive Recovery Agents across the United States, standing strong in the face of opposition from well-funded anti-bail organizations and misleading media narratives. ​ Don't be fooled. Our community is richly diverse, composed of multigenerational, specialized businesses, retired military personnel, former law enforcement officers, and hard-working single parents. Our industry is vital to the success of every criminal justice system where we operate. Simply put, secured bail works. ​ NABA is committed to amplifying the true value of our industry to communities nationwide. Ready to join the cause? Click "JOIN NABA" today!

Judge Gavel

Secured Bail Matters

Bail is a Constitutional right protected by the 8th Amendment. In our profession, we facilitate swift freedom for the accused across the United States. Contrary to common misconceptions, bail agents don't set bail amounts; that's the judiciary's role. Judges weigh factors like criminal history, flight risk, community danger, and financial capability when setting bail amounts.

Bail serves as the mechanism that allows the accused to prepare their defense freely. As bail agents, we are directly accountable to the court, ensuring the accused returns for trial.

If someone 'skips bail,' Fugitive Recovery Agents are deployed to bring the individual back to the court or sheriff’s custody. Our actions make sure that crime victims have their day in court and that trials are not conducted without the accused present.

NABA stands firmly behind the 'Right to Bail.' We take our responsibilities seriously, with a track record spanning hundreds of years in ensuring accountable release.

Our industry employs what we call the 'circle of love,' involving family in the bail process. This familial support increases the likelihood that the accused will comply with release conditions.

Bail Reform

Bail reform has been a subject of debate in the U.S. for decades, gaining substantial financial backing in the last ten years. Although promoted as 'free,' these publicly funded bail programs are actually financed by taxpayers. Despite becoming a polarizing topic between Democrats and Republicans, the reality is that misguided political agendas from both sides have fueled misconceptions about bail reform.

Take New Jersey, for example. Under Republican Governor Chris Christie, the state shifted to publicly funded bail, unbeknownst to residents whose real estate taxes were lifted to pay for it. This led the Association of Counties to sue the state, citing an 'unfunded mandate.' As of now, New Jersey residents still finance accused individuals' releases through taxes. Even more striking, a ballot initiative under Christie eradicated the 'Right to Bail,' adopting a 'preventative detention' approach common in countries like China and Iraq.

Edward Forchion, a U.S. Marine veteran and African-American business owner, was held without bail for 447 days in New Jersey post-reform, losing everything in the process. Despite his ordeal, major organizations like the NAACP and the ACLU failed to advocate for him.

In New York, Democratic Governor Cuomo introduced bail reform in the 2019 budget, leading to sweeping changes. Implemented on January 1, 2020, the policy had to be immediately revised on April 1, 2020, due to its vast impact on communities.

NABA contends that blaming the bail industry for indigent offenders' plight is misleading. We believe comprehensive services should be offered to elevate the disadvantaged, with clear criteria for indigence.

NABA advocates for a balanced solution to bail reform, aiming to contribute constructively to this crucial national dialogue. We recognize that effective public safety policies go beyond party lines.

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