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James Townsend

Board Secretary

James 'Jimmy' Townsend serves as the Board Secretary for the National Association of Bail Agents (NABA), bringing a unique blend of faith, family values, and unwavering loyalty to the role. As a committed Christian, Jimmy's ethical framework is rooted in honesty and integrity—qualities he considers to be the cornerstones of successful business and effective leadership.

Passionate and driven, Jimmy believes that success in the bail industry comes to those who are truly committed to the cause. He operates on the principle of treating others how he wishes to be treated, valuing the power of positive interactions over conflict.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jimmy is a loving family man and a reliable team player. His willingness to give people the benefit of the doubt exemplifies his compassionate approach to both personal and professional relationships.

In a show of unparalleled determination, Jimmy doesn't let his physical limitations set boundaries on his capabilities. Notably, he is the world's only bounty hunter who actively participates in field operations from a wheelchair. This remarkable feat serves not as a limitation but as a motivational force, pushing him to continually redefine what is possible.

If you are in need of spiritual guidance, Jimmy extends an open invitation to approach him for prayer, reinforcing the Christian approach he takes to his life and work.

(678) 727-6289

James Townsend
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