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The Breakfast Sponsor package offers an excellent opportunity to gain exposure at the First Annual Bail & Recovery Event. This exclusive sponsorship of the continental breakfast session allows your brand to shine among industry professionals at the start of the day.


  • Exclusive Sponsorship: Your company will be the only brand featured during the breakfast session.
  • Branding: Your company's branding will be displayed on all materials related to the breakfast, ensuring high visibility.
  • Visibility: Placement of your logo at the breakfast venue ensures that every attendee will see your brand.
  • Advertising: Six months of ad placement on the National Association of Bail Agents (NABA) website main page gives your brand sustained exposure.

Special Features

  • Unique Opportunity: This sponsorship allows your brand to be associated with a key meal session attended by industry leaders and professionals.
  • Exclusive Access: Your company will be the sole sponsor of the breakfast session, giving you undivided attention from the event's attendees.
  • Extended Visibility: The six-month ad placement on the NABA website ensures your brand remains in the spotlight long after the event.

How to Benefit

  • Networking Potential: The breakfast session is an ideal setting to connect with key industry players.
  • Brand Exposure: The prominent placement of your branding ensures your company stands out to all event attendees.
  • Long-Term Visibility: The extended ad placement on the NABA website keeps your brand visible to the industry for half a year.

Breakfast Sponsor

SKU: 364215375135191
  • The Breakfast Sponsor package is ideal for companies looking to gain visibility during a key meal session. It provides a great platform to showcase what makes your brand special, engage with industry professionals, and benefit from sustained exposure through the NABA website.

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